Welcome to Birds International

BIRDS – [BEST INTERNATIONAL ROAMING DESTINATION SOLUTION] serves as the most Authoritative, Lucrative and Reliable option in international roaming & foreign exchange solution across the world to over 100 countries.

We make sure our travelers enjoy their journey without worrying about the little things, we take care of it. Birds offer its customers with Simcards, Forex and Travel insurance as a total and compact solution worldwide.

With the excellence in products and services, Birds tries to build a one-to-one connect with our customers

We believe to maintain and create online user friendly easy to access and reliable services for the benefit of International Travelers.

At Birds we thrive to make your journey a memorable one, we cater a full package of the basic needs while our customers travel abroad.

The core objective on which the company thrives:
  • Providing low call charges & data charges.
  • Excellence in service.
  • On time delivery.
  • Free Shipment.

We aim to connect with people and help them to customize the plan as per their itinerary travel worldwide with putting effort to serve better.

We strive hard to maintain our position as a leading international service provider over today’s highly competitive global business environment.

Our immediate goals are to research, deploy, develop user friendly plans for our customers and make their travels pleasant.

Our motto is to be relived and revived, we believe in honesty and customer satisfaction where in we connect with every international traveler with convenient and cost effective solutions.

We are 100% committed to:
  • Integrity
  • Market analysis
  • Accuracy
  • Timely Updates
  • Transparency
  • Online Availability